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About Bigomet 500 Mg

Bigomet 500 mg is utilized to treat type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

This medication contains a functioning fixing named Metformin.

Aristo Pharmaceuticals produces this medication.

Bigomet 500 mg Uses

Bigomet 500 mg is utilized to direct sugar levels.

500 mg Bigomet likewise helps in the additional lessening of Diabetes-related entanglements.

The dynamic salt named Metformin is additionally used to treat Polycystic ovary disorder or PCOS in ladies.

How does Bigomet 500 mg function?

Bigomet 500 mg is an enemy of diabetic medication.

Metformin, the dynamic fixing in Bigomet 500 lessens the liver’s capacity to create glucose by postponing the assimilation of glucose from the digestive organs.

It raises the body’s insulin awareness and keeps the body’s sugar level managed.


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