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About Bimat 0.03% wv

BIMAT 0.03 % wv is a well-known treatment for glaucoma (especially Open Angle Glaucoma) and eyelash improvement.

Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin simple, is remembered for BIMAT Eye drops.

Treating two circumstances: open-point glaucoma and hypotrichosis are utilized.

Utilizations of Bimat 0.03% wv

Bimat 0.03% wv is utilized in the accompanying circumstances:

Open-point glaucoma

Glaucoma alludes to an assortment of issues that influence an individual’s eyes.

Open-point glaucoma is the most predominant, easy condition that causes vision misfortune and irreversible visual impairment.

Intraocular pressure increments at a disturbing rate in open-point glaucoma, bringing about vision misfortune.

BIMAT helps with treating open-point glaucoma by bringing down intraocular pressure.


Hypotrichosis is a problem where hair improvement eases back, or going bald happens in a particular body region.

BIMAT 0.03% wv eye drops have been exhibited to support fixing hair in the eye region, essentially eyelashes when utilized by patients.


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